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Friction is the force between two objects in contact with each other. It causes moving objects to slow down. It is a resistive force. It results from contact between the surfaces of the objects.

ì can produce heat
ì can slow down or stop a moving object
ìcause wear and tear
ì enables an object to stay in a stationary position
ìmakes it difficult to pull or push a heavy object

Friction is affected by
ì the condition of the surface
ì the mass of the object

Before we start below lesson, please open your speaker to listen the animation. Enjoy it!

Advantages of Friction
a) It allows us to walk or run without slipping
b) It allows a moving vehicle to slow down or stop
c) It enables us to hold things
d) It enables use to sharpen a knife

Disadvantages of Friction
a) It causes the soles of shoes and tyres of vehicles to be worn out
b) It produces heat in machines
c) It causes a waste of energe

The following ways to reduce friction to make our work easier, prevent wastage of energy and prevent danger:-
a) by using rollers or ball bearings
b) by using lubricant s such as oil, wax or grease
c) by using talcum powder or an air cushion
d) by smoothing the surfaces
e) by using an aerodynamic shape

The following ways to increase friction to help us to hold the surface and prevent us from slipping:-
a) by using rough materials
b) by making patterns on the surfaces

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