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Interview Madam Te Pey Leng

         The prominent person who I had interviewed is Madam Te Pey Leng. She was awarded the excellent teacher on 2008. The whole interview was very relaxed with pleasure.

         On Wednesday afternoon, 1st June 2001, arrangement was made to interview Madam Te Pey Leng,
an Excellent Teacher of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Pei Chun 2 and also a Media Resource Centre Coordinator ( Penyelaras Pusat Sumber ) at the school.
Madam Te understand that she is not a talent and need to pay more attention in every aspect because teachers are dealing with the nation future assets that need good guidance and tolerance to prepare them to be a good end build up the country. She did extra effort to give their students not only their knowledge, but also their passion. She put herself in many situations according her profession that she could not think about before she had become a teacher. Then she can easy involve in the lives of students, makes them feel good and help them to fulfill their dreams.  She would like to see her students have a good future.
Madam Te emphasized that teaching had offered her vast of experienced than any other profession out there could. The students willing to follow her to learn when their sincerely like her and believe in their worth.  She believe that student thrive to study when teachers are willing to listen their problems, accept them imperfect and provide a nurturing, safe environment.
Madam Te disagree punishment. She prefer to encourages, applauds and inspires students with her passion to provide more opportunities but high and reasonable expectations for them to learn. She stated that there have many attractive ways to make students pay attention and increase their motivation. She always spends more time to find out a better and interested method, topic, approach or activity to motivate them.
She agreed that extrinsic motivators in form of rewards could help and encourage students’ intrinsic enthusiastic. The rewards could strengthen their conviction to reach the accomplishment and recognition.  But to effectively teach students, the skill of control a class is very importance. Her patience, knowledge, profession and method are challenged her to give a best quality of teaching to control the class. She also stated that the interaction with the student would help teachers faster to build up a better relationship. It will help both of them understand and learn the lesson more.

Madam Te stated that teacher should understand the capability of students, assess their level of understanding and structure the lessons as according to suit their needs. Teachers have to routinely integrate active learning activities, conduct interesting quizzes, and form discussing groups to monitor the learning progress of students. If students have difficulty in learning, teachers should find out the root cause to help students willing to learn. However, it is best for teacher who possess great amount of creativity by different ways of teaching same topic to make student eventually understand clearly.

Madam Te was sharing her experience that taking the hands on approach for reading is very effective, especially it take along with interactive grade school activities.  An educational games or interested learning program such as PowerPoint will give attractive to students. Students need to flick though the textbook to find out the correct answer. They have to read more and more to gain in the knowledge to achieve the score and win the games in limited time. When they level up the games to the next higher grade, their confidence will increase that will stimulate them to further effort and learn. Also, the group competition could arouse enthusiasm among students in learning by the positive and active aspect.
  Madam Te believes that a good teacher with good qualities must be able to exercise discipline. In the past, class discipline has been strict and inflexible. In the modern era, class interactive is more important. Teacher can allow more freedom of speech and movement, but no individual can be allowed to dominate proceedings by rough and noisy manner. Teachers have to learn to distinguish between lively and disruptive student but this may need more experience. But the most important is teacher should to tune the disruptive student to be more discipline.

The greatest achievement for Madam Te is to see her students had a successful life. She felt that she had done her job properly and she did. To her, success is when she is able to do what she are happy doing, and at the same time, can bring that happiness to other people. During the interview, I know that Madam Te is a person who likes to take risks; she likes to try something new, so that, she always strives to overcome all the difficulties what are she get.

 Madam Te gives us the impression that she works hard, energetic and professional. I admire her dedication. Her words impressed themselves on my memory. Madam Te richly deserved all that happened to her. She is a fine role model.

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