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Protecting Endangered Species

Mammoth are no longer exist on the Earth

How to protect the endangered species?

    Let’s do a practice as below then we will more understand that why the animals are threatened with extinction.

 Extinction of Animals:
     Animals that are extinct no longer exist and cannot be found on the earth.

     Dinosaurs became extinct because of the change in the climate on the earth.

     Dodo and Tasmanian wolf became extinct because of human activities such as excessive hunting and destruction of habitats.

Tasmanian Wolf

Endangered Species:

Pitcher Plant
      The main reason for the animals and plants are becoming endangered is destruction of habitats such as excessive development, illegal and excessive logging and hunting.
Excessive logging
Excessive development
Excessive Hunting
Air pollution
Wate Pollution

     We need to raise campaign against excessive logging, hunting and educating the public about the importance of protecting and conserving animals and plants.
Where are the birds flying to ?

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