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Unit 2 Worksheet C

A.   Circle the correct answer, complete the dialogue below.
Herman :
Oh no, I cannot get the top off this bottle!
Mary      :
This is because yours hands are (1) dry, oily as you have just eaten.
Herman :
Is there any problem with that?
Mary      :
This will cause the (2) friction, force between your fingers and the top of the bottle to become (3)smaller, bigger.
Herman :
Then, what should I do?
Mary      :
Clean and (4)warm, dry your hands first so that you can apply a (5)smaller, bigger  force and open the top more easily,
Herman :
Thanks for your advice.
Mary      :
You are welcome.

B.   State whether the following statements are true or false.

1.    A force is needed to do work.

2.    A goalkeeper exerts an opposing force on the ball when he catches it.

3.    Force can make a stationary objects moves but cannot make a moving object stops.

4.    The rougher the surface, the further the moving object can travel.

5.    Friction is always useful in our everyday life.

6.    A spring becomes shorter when compressed due to friction.

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