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Competition between Animals and Plants

What reasons for animals and plants compete with each others?

    Competition is a form of interaction between living things. It is the basic needs occur between animals and plants. When the basic needs become limited, living things that live in the same
habitat compete with each other for resources. Competition causes weaker living things to be eliminated from a habitat, only the stronger will survive.
Competition between animals

Competition between Animals:
     Animals that live in the same habitat compete with each other for food, water, shelter, mate and territory or space. Competition occurs between same species and different species. Competition occurs when the sources of food and water become limited. Without getting enough food and water, animals will die.

    Shelter is a cover for protection animals against predators and weather. The animals must have enough space to get enough food for eat. Too many same species of animal lives in the same, these resources will be used up soon.

    Animals mate for breeding and reproduction. Competition becomes more intense when the number of animals increases or resources are more limited. Stronger animals will survive but weaker animals will be eliminated during the competition.

Competition between Plants:

Competition between plant

      Plants compete for sunlight, water, nutrients and space.
      Plants make their own food with sunlight and water. Without getting enough sunlight and water, plants will retard or die. Plants will grow taller to compete for sunlight. Plants with weak stems will climb up the tall trees to obtain sunlight.
Plant with weak stem

      If there are more plants growing in the same area, competition between plants becomes intense. They cannot grow will in limited space to get enough nutrients in the soil.
Plant grow taller and bigger in enough space
Advantages of competition:
      a) Maintain the balance of nature.
      b) Produce stronger living things
      c) Control the populations of living things in a habitat.

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